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The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is a podcast in which each week Jamie Ivey invites one girlfriend to discuss “the big things in life, the little things in life, and everything in between.” The podcast’s topics range from authenticity, mental health, relationships, and grace, to where they went for lunch the day before, and the funny thing someone said to them while grocery shopping. The women that Jamie Ivey invites on her show vary in their walks of life, occupations, and viewpoints. Some of the guests are pastors, others are speakers, and some are Jamie’s old friends. Each guest offers unique insight and wisdom regarding relatable topics.

In one episode, Rebekah Lyons speaks to the cycle of anxiety. Rebekah talks about how she had a breakthrough of peace, and then faced an episode of anxiety shortly after, leaving her feeling like a fraud. She continues by saying, “The fraud is a lie, it’s shame.” Rebekah describes how her anxiety attack allowed her to stay humble and empathetic toward people who are also battling anxiety because it allows her to walk alongside them. Jamie and Rebekah continue the conversation of anxiety by discussing the value of finding trust and comfort in the identity we have through God, as opposed to listening to the accusation of the enemy.

In another episode, Jamie has a conversation with Holly Christine Hayes, a former prostitute who was redeemed by grace. Holly’s compelling story is likely to bring you to tears as you reflect on the unconditional love and grace that God has for each of his children. Jamie Ivey does an excellent job of extending her hand and inviting you into her conversations. Her one-hour podcast is an ideal light listen that digs into the deeper questions. It is perfect for when you are commuting, doing errands, or when you just want something to listen to as it is sure to leave you feeling full of hope and joy. 

The Happy Hour with Jamie Ivey is released weekly and can be found on most podcast services.

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