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Christian music artist Jamie Grace has spent many years offering words of wisdom and ministering to young girls through her songs. Recently, she’s found a new platform to share her messages of encouragement: The Jamie Grace Podcast.

Previously known as the Wait It Out podcast, where Jamie talked about dating and singleness, The Jamie Grace Podcast is a rebranded project in which she shares her unvarnished thoughts on a variety of subjects. From movies to Proverbs to mom life, nothing is off limits for Jamie. Despite the change, she still offers plenty of advice about dating and what intentional, godly relationships can look like.

While Jamie’s content is consistently geared toward younger listeners, the new shift can be more relatable to a broader audience. Whether she’s commenting on celebrity relationships or giving advice for making big decisions, Jamie’s message has evolved as those who grew up singing along with her songs are now a little more grown up themselves. Yet her young fans will still benefit from her advice about crushes, ghosting, and more.

This podcast is ideal for those who appreciate genuine, wholehearted commentary. It’s not uncommon for Jamie to talk about what she had for dinner or playfully speak in a different accent. She’s funny, sarcastic, and prone to tangents. But this authenticity is what keeps her listeners coming back each week for more. That, and the heart of it all: biblically rooted wisdom and a genuine passion for investing in others.

“A lot of what I do has been centered around sharing music and sharing a message with young girls,” Jamie said in one of her episodes. “It’s not something I do because it’s my job—it’s something I do because it’s what I’m passionate about, and I’m blessed to have it be my job as well.” (Apple Podcasts)

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