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Are you a Christian creative communicator? If so, you will likely enjoy listening to the podcast Word Made Digital, hosted by Joanna la Fleur.

Its “About” section reads, “The church has the most important message in the world, so this podcast is all about helping you be the best and most creative communicators in the world.”

People interviewed on the podcast are pastors, artists, writers, speakers, producers, and other Christian creators. They cover topics such as how to make money as a speaker, handlettering and creating something new every day, and digital discipleship.

La Fleur is great at asking questions the listener might have and encouraging the interviewee to focus on the topic they are an expert in. This allows each episode to stay in a very specific niche that is reflected in the title of that episode. You can pick and choose which episodes interest you most.

In an episode on digital burnout, depression, and recovery, best-selling author and speaker Rebekah Lyons shares her experience about obediently listening to God to take a break from social media to focus on rest and renewal.

As our world and environment become increasingly digital, it can be challenging to grow and adapt to technology. Word Made Digital offers insight on how people are avoiding falling behind. Now, more than ever, it’s important for communicators to understand how to make the Word of God digital to reach people where they are.

Word Made Digital episodes are less than an hour and can be found on most podcast services.

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