Break Open the Sky by Stephan Bauman

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Love conquers fear.

We have heard that, we have read that, and we are supposed to know that from 1 John 4:18.

But in his book Break Open the Sky, author Stephan Bauman shows us that even though we may know it to be true, it isn’t changing the way we live. He shows us, chapter by chapter, paragraph by paragraph, sentence by sentence, how we live in fear.

We fear failure, we fear loss, we are afraid to take risks—small or huge—to practice love.

And so the world ignores or criticizes or mocks our churches. Christians are earning a poor, even a bad, reputation.

Bauman tells why and how Christians need to wake up to the core truths of the gospel Jesus proclaimed and lived. (Multnomah)

About the Author

Jim Romahn is a freelance journalist in Kitchener, Ont., where he belongs to Community Christian Reformed Church.