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Inthis wordless picture book for very young children, a boy and his father make a newspaper boat. Outside, cloudy skies promise rain and possibly puddles on which to float the boat. When a puddle materializes, the boy floats the boat on its surface. Magically, the boat escapes the puddle’s confines and floats away. The boy chases after it.

When the boy eventually retrieves the boat, it is soggy and ruined. Dejected, he returns home and is greeted by his father’s loving embrace, dry clothes, and a hot beverage. Together, father and son build a newspaper airplane, and the boy steps out into the sunshine to begin a new adventure.

Float captures the love and emotional support of a father for his son, as well as a child’s adventurous dreams—dreams that enliven and bless the lives of many young children. Ages 3 and up. (Simon & Schuster)

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