Rutabaga the Adventure Chef: Book 1 by Eric Colossal

Mixed Media

Bored with regular ingredients and standard fare, Rutabaga decides to head out and become an adventure chef! From a dragon’s egg to mushrooms plucked from the handle of a legendary sword, Rutabaga wants to cook tasty and exciting new dishes.

This episodic comic book follows the young chef as he revives an injured dragon fighter with a powerful pep potion and hunts to concoct the perfect snack for a starving royal pet. The bold lines of the comic illustrations and the enjoyable story engage the reader in Rutabaga’s ongoing quest for adventure and cooking. Follow along with Rutabaga, his trusty cooking pot, and his portable kitchen as he searches for the next unexpected dish. Let’s get cooking! Ages 8 and up. (Amulet)

About the Author

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