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Q Has intentionally engaging all ages through worship become an important value in the CRC? During Sunday dinner today, our 15-year-old commented, “It struck me that [this morning’s] worship and the message related beautifully to my life, and it seemed to me they related just as much to Grandpa’s life."

A I think so. Maybe it's more accurate to say that it's gradually becoming an important value.  I've met some folks who are worried that we're becoming an either/or church: we used to focus too much on adults in our worship and now we've swung to the other end to focus on children and teens.

I'm not worried about that. Faith development research tells us that believers of all ages share common spiritual needs and longings. Worship leaders and preachers can minister to these commonalities, drawing in people of all ages through invitational language, examples, and stories. In addition, every year there are more and more strong resources designed to equip us to be a church that engages all generations deeply.

Your teen’s observation warms my heart.

About the Author

Syd Hielema serves as the director of the CRC's Connections II project. He worships at the Meadowlands Fellowship CRC in Ancaster, Ont. 

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