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Have you ever felt too hot or too cold? Either way, it’s uncomfortable. But when God created heat, he also created rules for heat to follow. Without those rules, you’d be too hot or too cold all the time! So what are God’s rules for heat?

First, God said heat could travel through solids. This is why when you touch the end of a spoon that has been in hot soup, it feels hot. Second, God said heat could travel upwards through the air. This is why when you hold your hand over a candle, it becomes hot. Third, God said heat could travel through nothing! This is why the sun warms you up even though there is literally a whole lot of nothing—a vacuum—between the sun and the earth. And then God said the rules for heat were good!  

So how does knowing God’s rules about heat keep you warm even on a cold day? People have used God’s rules to keep themselves warm in all kinds of ways. Here are just a few examples:  

  • We have created big, puffy jackets, sleeping bags, and insulation in our walls that trap warm air and keep heat from moving away from our bodies.
  • People used to put heated rocks in their beds to keep them warm at night. 
  • We have created furnaces that allow heat to travel upward, just as God intended, through our vents or radiators.
  • The big windows in our houses allow heat from the sun God created to travel into our homes.

One of the best things about being made in God’s image is that we get to be creative, just like God! We get to take the things God has created and use them to make things that help others and ourselves. When we understand and follow God’s rules for heat, we can make things that help keep ourselves and others warm.

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