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How do you stay cool on a hot summer day? Do you run through the sprinkler or take a dip in a pool? Maybe you have a water balloon fight with friends in your neighborhood. There are lots of fun ways to stay cool in the summer. But have you ever wondered how animals cool off on sizzling summer days?

Take a look at the clever and funny ways these animals stay cool in the summer!


Want to know why pigs like to roll around in mud? Because pigs can’t sweat, they like to cover themselves in mud to keep cool during hot summer months. The water in mud keeps pigs cool as it slowly evaporates into the air. Mud also acts as a special piggy sunscreen because it protects their skin from getting sunburned.


Did you know that horses sweat? Just like people, horses sweat on hot days or when they are doing exercises like running. As the sweat evaporates, it cools them off so they don’t get too hot.


Bees have the best indoor fan for hot summer days. Bees collect water to bring into the hive, and they use their wings to blow in cooler air. The water inside the hive makes the air cooler, creating a homemade air conditioner. Bees also try to keep their queen and their babies cool on hot days by spending time outside. Then more air can flow inside the hive where the queen is. You might see a large group of bees hanging on the outside of the hive, a gathering called “bearding” because it looks like a big, bushy beard.

Prairie Dogs

Prairie dogs enjoy spending time searching for food in the early mornings, but on hot days they spend most of their time out of the sun in the cool burrows and tunnels they dig underground.


Because lizards are cold-blooded animals, their body temperatures change based on the temperatures around them. On really hot days, lizards like to find shade under rocks to stay cool.


Who would have thought that ears could keep animals cool? It’s true! Elephants use their large ears to flap themselves to stay cool on hot days. They also keep cool by using their trunks to spray themselves with water. Not only do they have their own fans, but they also have a personal sprinkler!

Stay Cool!

What are your favorite ways to stay cool in the summer? Whether you enjoy swimming or tasting a sweet ice cream treat, remember to thank God for summer and for the cool ways he takes care of his creation!

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