How Do I Navigate Decisions Well in a Period of Transition?

I am in a period of huge transition in my life right now. How do I make sure I navigate my decisions and direction-setting well?

Changes in the economy, technology, consumer demands, or even simply changes within our family dynamics often propel us into new seasons of discernment. We become forced to make choices regarding new jobs, new careers, moves across town or moves across the country. Indeed, these times are often anxiety-inducing, stressful, and full of questions. When this happens, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed, especially when considering the level of impact these choices may have on the trajectory of our careers or the implications they have for our family and friends.

One common fallacy in decision making is that there is always a right or wrong choice. This isn’t necessarily the case, especially if we are prone to thinking that the right decision is the one that leads us out of worry or the one that promises us better security. In fact, sometimes God leads us into situations or even seasons of life where he is seeking to grow our faith, not our financial portfolio or even our comfort.

In Mark 4:35-41, Jesus actually leads the disciples into a storm while he takes a nap. As the story plays out, Jesus demonstrates that he is much more comfortable with our discomfort than we are. That’s because in the end, his goal for their lives (and ours!) is not that life would be easy, but that they (we!) would be his.

The right decision for you in any given moment shouldn’t be dictated by what looks easier or more comfortable, but by what will form your faith the most. And if you’re looking to provide for others around you through your choices, the greatest thing you could ever give your family or anyone else is you, fully alive in Christ.

About the Author

Aaron Baart lives in Sioux Center, Iowa, with his family of seven. He serves as the dean of chapel at Dordt University and is the co-founder and president of One Body One Hope, a church-planting and community development ministry in Liberia. He and his family attend First Reformed Church in Sioux Center. He co-authored Vivid: Deepening Your Colors with Syd Hielema.

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