How Do You Know If Something Is God’s Will?

How does a person know whether something is God’s will? For instance, whom should I marry? Which job should I take? Even though I pray, I don’t know.

Like you, I used to feel that if I prayed about important decisions it should be clear where God was leading me. But it wasn’t clear, and that was very frustrating. It felt as if God was playing a game with me in which I had to guess what God wanted, but where there would be serious and hurtful consequences if I guessed wrong.

But my understanding of God-led decision making has changed over time, and yours can, too. Here are some suggestions that might help you gain a new perspective:

First, get to know Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit who lives within you. Learn to trust that you are chosen if you want Jesus to be in your life. Then trust Jesus’ promise that the Holy Spirit, who is called our comforter, our teacher, and more, was sent by Jesus to “parent” us so we would not feel abandoned (or left as orphans, as Scripture says).

Second, get to know yourself. Know your interests and passions, and let these motivate your pursuit of a career and a possible relationship. Don’t be motivated by guilt (shoulds), or anxiety (fears and doubts). Instead, be motivated by the knowledge that the parent/child relationship you are learning to accept by faith is real and strong.

Third, treat every open door toward a desired job or new relationship as an invitation. Bathe all opportunities in prayer. Pray that your trust in our God will become stronger as you learn to accept that a loving Father, a faithful Savior, and an equipping Spirit—the God we serve—“has your back,” as it were. 

About the Author

Judy Cook is a family therapist and a member of Meadowlands Fellowship CRC in Ancaster, Ontario.

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       Thanks, Judy, for your insight into knowing God’s will for one’s life, whether choosing a school, a profession, a saving’s program, a life partner, or giving to charitable causes.  I think your first suggestion, of getting to know Jesus by the power of the Holy Spirit is rather subjective and knowing such Jesus would vary from person to person depending on one’s own moods, attitudes, and opinions rather than knowing an objective historic Jesus.
       Knowing God’s will or what is best in making decisions is to use the reason and common sense that God has given to each of us.  If we are image bearers of God, we are most like God in that humans, unlike animals, are reasonable beings.  Unlike animals that act mostly on instinct, people can weigh their decisions and plan with intelligence.  And as you suggest, Judy, know yourself, your interests, passions and concern for others, and by doing such one will be led on a path of wisdom.