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Letters to the Editor: November 2017

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Emotional Lives of Men

Thank you for publishing “The Emotional Lives of Men” (Sept. 2017). My husband has a strong group of godly men that support not only him but us as a family as well. They have walked alongside him through some of his most vulnerable times, including the birth of a child with Down syndrome, a marriage that was in turmoil, and a dual diagnosis of autism for our son who has Down syndrome. We, as parents of young boys, have an opportunity to set the tone for our sons to be not only God-fearing and courageous, but also vulnerable and open with one another. Thank you for shining much-needed light on a topic near and dear to me.

Amy Wigger
Hudsonville, Mich.

I found Mark Vander Vennen’s article (“The Emotional Lives of Men”) refreshing, informative, and confirming. As a young married man with three small children and few options, someone stepped up and took an interest in helping. First in church as our elder, later as my employer, he was instrumental in the development of my career. His simple “You can do this, I’ll help you” still resonates 40 years later. He blessed me with insight and direction, and I strove to model his behavior.

I have been part of two men’s groups: one within the community of colleagues at work, the other within the CRC. The first was a real time of partnering and personal growth. Our focus was on becoming better men, spouses, and fathers. Finding time for regular study and personal dialog is a challenge. . . . My experience is that the return far outweighs the investment.

John Bloemendal
Cambridge, Ont.

Thanks for an article pertinent to what is going on with men in our culture—and, yes, in our churches—today (“The Emotional Lives of Men”). As someone who has been involved in ministry with men at the local church level and regional men’s ministry, I feel too many churches and denominations have turned a deaf ear and blind eye to what is going on with men. I agree with the author’s assessment that one of the most important ways churches can respond is by realizing that men become godly men through relationships with other godly men (mentoring partners, small groups, etc.). As churches and leaders in our churches, we have to ask how that is being encouraged at our churches and in our communities.

Todd Wessels
Joliet, Ill.


I am disappointed with the new name “Resonate” for our combined organizations. Without the word “Christian” it seems to be vague and incomplete, especially to one unfamiliar with the work we are about. This naming parallels popular actions of many churches to rename themselves without the word “Christian.” What are we about? Romans 8:31.

Jack Lanning
Jenison, Mich.


  1. “Celebrating 30 years of Friendship Ministries in Edmonton” (Sept. 2017). We regret that a photo of Peter Kool, of Covenant CRC, and his friend, Dean, was mislabeled.
  2. Just for Kids (Sept. 2017).The area of the Caspian Sea is over 143,005 square miles (370 square kilometers); it is 3,363 feet (1,025 meters) deep. We regret printing incorrect units of measurement.

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