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John Arndt and David Gungor, known together as The Brilliance, have crafted another thoughtful, carefully constructed song cycle with their latest release, All Is Not Lost. In the opening track, the brief “Oh Earth,” Gungor sings, “Oh Earth . . . your scars are deeper than we’ll ever know/They formed us all.” That brokenness hangs over all these songs, but so does hope.

The album takes a stylistic detour in two songs at the midway point, “Turning Over Tables” and “Hear Our Prayer,” where the meditative sound that we’ve come to expect from The Brilliance is changed by the addition of synth bass and guest vocalists. In both of these songs, the change in sound reflects the change that God’s love can make in us. They conclude with the title track in a gentle reminder that all is not lost. This is an album that gets better with repeated listening, a truly remarkable work of art. (Integrity)

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