A Little Handbook for Preachers: Ten Practical Ways to a Better Sermon by Sunday by Mary S. Hulst

Why would anyone other than a preacher read a handbook for preachers? While this book is packed with clear, practical encouragement and suggestions for preachers, it also offers a quick education for those in the pews.

Hulst, who is College Chaplain at Calvin College, suggests ideas anyone serving in a church can use—as a youth leader, do I contextualize my words? As an elder, do I listen for the hurt behind the complaint? As a liturgist, am I using my voice to its best potential? As a congregant, am I really looking for God’s story in the sermon? How should I try to understand Scripture in my personal reading or with my Bible study group?

This is a great resource for worship committees and councils, especially as they seek to support those who stand behind the pulpit each Sunday. (InterVarsity)

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