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Kyle Brooks, pastor and planter of Oakland Startup Church in Oakland, Calif., has set out to meet 200 new people. Now well on his way, the people he has met have led to some pretty incredible connections.

One such connection came during a pickup game of soccer. Brooks and a young man he had never met before began chatting and asking about each other’s work.

Upon learning that Brooks was a pastor, the young man confided that, although his family had never been religious or attended church, he always had a sense that there was a “higher power” and “more to life than what he knew.” He often felt discouraged that he hadn’t been able to find the relationship with God that some of his friends had found.

Hearing this, Brooks encouraged the young man to explore his yearning for God. He explained to him, “The good news of the Christian faith is not that you can find God. It’s that God can find you.” Brooks offered to meet with him further to discuss any questions he might have.

While church planting can be a slow process, Brooks and the Oakland Startup Church family are making strides into their community by readily sharing the gospel with those around them, proving that a simple conversation can go a long way.

Home Missions is committed to walking alongside this church and has been providing funding and support since 2015.

You can support God’s work in Oakland by praying for a renewed sense of faith in the community as well as funding for the church as it continues to grow and live out its mission.

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