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Christina Noble grew up in poverty in her native Ireland; she survived many horrific experiences as a child and as a young adult, including the death of her mother, being separated from her family, rape, and the loss of a child.

As a young mother watching the news of the Vietnam War, she had a dream that children there needed help. When she finally got to Vietnam later in life, she felt that God was leading her to help the children living on the streets.

Her life story is dramatized in the movieNoble, starring three great actresses as Noble at different periods of her life. The movie moves back and forth between her childhood, young adulthood, and her time in Vietnam as it endeavors to show viewers the parallels between her own childhood suffering and the suffering of the children she wants to help in Vietnam. For the most part, it succeeds in weaving the different threads of her history together.

It’s that history that saves this from being a typical white savior story, where the privileged white Westerner swoops in and saves the day. She enters the scene with her own scars and understanding of what it is to be neglected and abused, in spite of her lack of knowledge about the culture.

Christina Noble’s dream eventually led to the creation of a foundation that works to better the lives of children in Vietnam and Mongolia, promoting health care, education, and community development.

Noble is a glimpse into the life of someone who might seem very ordinary, but who has chosen an extraordinary path, guided by her faith and convictions. On disc and streaming on Amazon now. (Aspiration)

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