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“It is a truth universally acknowledged . . .” that a review of the novel Pride and Prejudice must contain these words.

Lizzie Bennet is a busy grad student working on her final thesis, a web blog in which she records the emotional ups and downs of the Bennet sisters as they meet the eligible neighborhood bachelor, Bing Lee, and his friend, William Darcy. This 21st-century adaptation uses snarky commentary and lively conversation to stay true to the spirit of the original Pride and Prejudice.

Part of its charm is in guessing how the director, Bernie Su, will interpret the plot for today’s culture. Parties at the assembly rooms become nights drinking at the local bar, Carter’s. Lydia is shown as an angsty teen, texting and spouting “YOLO” and “FTW,” obsessed with boys and alcohol. While the original novel left much implied or unsaid, this variation is more open and frank about sexual concerns.

Through the series, Lizzie, Jane, Lydia, and Charlotte show their love for each other and explore the pain of growing up and moving on. They make hasty judgments while pride and self-importance are criticized on all sides. In the end, the importance of family, friends, and their ability to see past the false fronts we build win the day.

Originally aired on YouTube over two years in 3- to 5-minute episodes,The Lizzie Bennet Diariesare now available for streaming on Amazon or on DVDs from

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