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Have you turned on the radio lately to hear someone talking about thrift shops? Or maybe your teenage child had a CD on his or her Christmas list called The Heist by Macklemore. Macklemore's new music has been on top of the charts all over the world lately; there is no doubt he is popular. But does being popular mean that Christians should be listening to him? Well, yes and no.

Macklemore does display the themes of forgiveness, equality, and sin in his music, but he does not recognize Jesus as his personal Savior. Although there is some cussing in his music, Macklemore actually has a couple of songs that talk about the effects of drugs (“Otherside” and “Starting Over”) as well as anti-consumerism (“Wings”). Macklemore also displays some knowledge of the Christian faith (“Neon Cathedral”). Should you or your children be listening to Macklemore? That is up to your discernment, but keep in mind that there is more to his music than meets the eye.

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