The Lone Bellow by The Lone Bellow

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Zach Williams leads this trio with earnest vocals and honest lyrics about grief, loss, love, and hope. The songs weave together stories of his experience of the accident that left his wife paralyzed as well as her miraculous healing months later. On “Looking for You,” he sings, “Your breakdown was easy to see/It took you away, further from me/Sifting through mishaps and photographs/I’m looking for you again.”

Kanene Pipkin provides beautiful vocal harmonies as well as some bluegrass sounds on mandolin. Brian Elmquist rounds out the sound on electric guitar. Echoing the old-timey sound of The Civil Wars, and working with their producer Charlie Peacock, The Lone Bellow at times picks up the pace. A backing choir and piano gives them a honky-tonk tone. The album is a delight, and each listen uncovers more complexity. (Descendant Records)

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