Sierra Leone CRC Gets New Leader

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Rev. Istifanus B. Bahago has assumed leadership and program development for the quickly growing Christian Reformed Church of Sierra Leone.

Bahago, a former seminary professor, recently served as president of the Christian Reformed Church of Nigeria (CRCN).

He replaces Rev. John Phiri, director of lay training and empowerment for the Reformed Church in Zambia, who had served in Sierra Leone for many years.

CRCN missionary Rev. Ezekiel Sudu and his family joined Phiri and are continuing to serve in Sierra Leone.

Christian Reformed World Missions has been engaged in ministry in Sierra Leone for many years, including during the bloody civil war that ended in 2002.

The CRC of Sierra Leone now consists of more than 5,500 believers in 62 congregations that are increasingly organizing and functioning as a denomination. World Renew, the CRC’s disaster relief and development agency, also is at work in Sierra Leone.

Together with overseeing the ministry, Bahago will help the CRC in Sierra Leone organize its ministries, mentor and train leaders, build vision and awareness, and increase involvement between the denomination and other churches and ministries.

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Chris Meehan is news and media relations manager for CRC Communications, and a member of Coit Community Church.

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