Mexican Believers Embrace Lasting Healing

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Mandy (not her real name), a teenager in Mexico, had been unhappy. Her parents’ divorce had deeply wounded her. At times, her heart felt full of hatred.

Abe and Elaine Lee have been helping to change lives in Mexico through Image of God seminars.

She began looking for relief. Last November she decided to go to an Image of God seminar, remembering how her uncle had found new life by attending an earlier session.

Christian Reformed World Missions missionaries Abe and Elaine Lee have led two Image of God seminars every year since 2009.

The Lees began the seminars in Cuernavaca but have since led them in other regions and denominations, influencing about 400 people.

“The Image of God ministry is for all of us,” says Abe Lee.

He said the seminars remind people of their value in Christ. People see that sin has erected barriers in their hearts, relationships, and lives. They’ve hurt and been hurt. Yet they can find hope and peace in Jesus’ gift of grace and life.

The conference enabled Mandy to release the pain in her heart, helping her realize that God has claimed her as his child.

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