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Mary Remein, a member of Silver Spring Christian Reformed Church in Maryland, retired from human resources in 2014. Today she is a volunteer, a mentor, a grandma, and a Think Christian reader.

Some say Think Christian is a blog for young people, but Remein disagrees.

“There is value for older, sixty-something folks like me,” Remein said. “Think Christian has made me more aware of God’s presence in places where I don’t typically look for him.”

Think Christian, an online magazine produced by ReFrame Media, the English language outreach of Back to God Ministries International, provides a community where Christians discuss how to bridge the gap between faith and culture.

As Remein described, “It connects me to thoughtful Christians who seek to be faithful and Christ-like in a wide variety of settings.”

Think Christian offers a starting point for conversations about current topics. Remein said, “Think Christian’s coverage of subjects relative to the world we live in today has been a springboard for me to move forward more confidently in addressing those subjects.”

Remein recalls one opportunity when her doctor asked her about a television show. Although she doesn’t watch the show, she had read about it on Think Christian and was able to respond with insight.

“This led to an interesting discussion about the brokenness of the world and my source of hope—Christ,” she recalled.

“[My doctor] shared that he’s a nominal Jew, married to a Seventh Day Adventist. He had questions about some of the ‘rules’ of Christianity.”

Faith and culture affect believers no matter their ages. Think Christian aims to bridge the gap between the two. “Think Christian is necessary and effective because we’re influenced by what we see and hear through media. It’s a challenge for Christians to sort through the mass of information and form a Christian perspective,” said Remein.

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Kristen Fergus Van Stee, Back to God Ministries International

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As a woman in my 60s I have also been a reader and comment-writer in this Think Christian space and agree that it is for all ages. I also believe that it should be called "Think Christianly". Otherwise it sounds as if you are commanding Chirstians to think, perhaps adding weight to a stereotype that Christians don't think. Maybe that is the intent, I don't know. Hopefully, we as Christians do think, and maybe even sometimes overthink in the CRC. This space, despite its grammatically unclear name, provides opportunities for that.

I agree TC is great for all generations? I'm in my second year of leading an SS class that uses its articles.  Those in my class range from just out of high school to folks in their 80's, from farmers to teachers to lawyers to state workers to small business owners, and more.

I most like the site's tagline, "No such thing as secular."  Amen. :-)