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The Worship Ministries office of the CRC is supporting 15 peer learning groups who meet in the U.S., Canada, and the Ukraine to study the topic of worship in times of change, conflict, or crisis.

Together with Pastor-Church Relations and the Calvin Institute for Christian Worship, they brought the conveners of these groups to Symposium on Worship 2016 to learn, to network, and to be inspired.

Afterward, conveners expressed comments about what they had learned:
“Worship Symposium 2016 is finished, but what happened there will live on for a lifetime. I am coming back to my communities with renewed hope and energy.”

“The workshops were clear, understandable, interesting, and valuable to me as a worship planner and leader.”

“I was able to finally find space and time to rest, albeit sometimes fleeting, in the presence of God the Almighty, the one who stills chaos in our lives and reorients us to see more clearly the wonders of his love in our worship—both in lament and praise!”

“The largest benefit of the symposium was the ability to network effectively within the body of Christ.”

“My group left filled with awe at God and his greatness, as well as full of ideas to try or to think about as we develop meaningful worship in our context.”

“I kept hearing themes of worship formation, working community, and praying for our international churches. The symposium gave me perspective and clarity as a leader to my local church.”

“I was enriched by the connections and collaboration with other leaders at the Symposium on Worship.”

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