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April 11, 2014 - 

Roberto sits on his porch and hears the sound of a package drop in his mailbox. What’s inside the box—a stack of Cada Dia devotional booklets—means it is time for Roberto to get to work.

Roberto, who volunteers for Back to God Ministries International Spanish outreach, brings the daily devotional messages to people all over his community in Cuba.

“This neighborhood reminds me of words from the Bible,” Roberto said. “The harvest is plentiful, but the workers are few” (Matt. 9:37).

Every two months, Roberto distributes the booklets to people in the streets, hospitals, and in prisons. Roberto also brings the booklets to members of his church, but it takes some work before they receive their copy.

“I write Bible trivia questions and give the booklets as a prize for a correct response,” Roberto told BTGMI.

The week before the Cada Dia arrives, Roberto announces which book of the Bible his trivia questions will come from. The next Sunday, he finds a well-informed audience about his book of choice.

“Everyone studies,” said Roberto. “The booklet helps them get to know the Bible better.”

In an area where Biblical resources are not readily available, Roberto said his small church is especially grateful for the devotional messages. “Cada Dia has fallen like the manna for Israel in the desert,” Roberto added.

Roberto also appreciates how the Cada Dia relates well to many of the issues that people face in Latin America. This is one of the major goals for Rev. Guillermo Serrano, BTGMI Spanish outreach leader.

“New choices in lifestyles threaten the truth of God’s Word,” Serrano said. “We have to be creative to provide resources that challenge the readers and listeners.”

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