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For most people, access to printed material isn’t a big deal, but for many in Cuba, recently printed materials are a novelty and a reason for rejoicing.

A year ago Back to God Ministries International’s Spanish team, under the direction of Rev. Guillermo Serrano, began sending CADA DIA (TODAY) devotional booklets to contacts in Cuba. Soon grateful recipients began sending letters back to BTGMI.

“CADA DIA is greatly appreciated and considered a ‘hot item,’” wrote Meslin.

Loly G. responded, “Thanks be to God for allowing the devotionals to arrive in our home without being tampered with and in perfect condition. You are a blessing to us, and we want you to know your mission is fruitful in our country.”

Luis Alberto, a pastor in Vueltas, reported that CADA DIA has motivated many people to seek God. “To see it reflected in their lives: the joy, the transformation, the testimony, and the impact! As we do not have a booklet for everyone, we decided to rotate those that are already read, even though the issue doesn’t coincide with the current month. I hope that God will open doors and you can see the fruit planted by CADA DIA.”

Linnet Z., of Villa Clara, writes that he was given a sample CADA DIA and that “the reflections were a great inspiration to my life.” He lent it to some friends, who were equally inspired. He said they would like to subscribe, but that they do not have financial resources to do it. “Please, if you can send some more, even old editions, we would appreciate it,” he wrote.  

BTGMI Portuguese ministry leader Rev. Celsino Gama is director of the ministry center in Brazil, where CADA DIA is produced in partnership with BTGMI Spanish ministry.

Seeing the enthusiasm and the desire of Cuban pastors to reach others with the gospel message, Gama decided to challenge Brazilian churches to support a special increased printing of the CADA DIA Christmas edition.

“Our Brazilian brothers and sisters responded far beyond our expectations, which allowed the delivery of more than 5,000 extra booklets to Cuba,” Gama reported.

“From the island of Cuba we are very thankful to receive CADA DIA,” wrote Isaac Green, a pastor. “As [CADA DIA continues to arrive] through these many months of the year, I see that we are in the plan of God. We are not able to send a contribution, but you will always have the support of our prayers.”

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