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Raphael, who serves in the Brazilian military, was walking down a busy street one day when someone handed him a business card reading Disque Paz (Dial Peace). He absently tucked the card in his wallet.

The “Dial Peace” ministry brings hope.

Weeks later, Raphael felt his life falling apart. His marriage and family were in trouble, and he was facing depression so deep he decided to end his life. He went into his bedroom, found his gun, and put it to his head.

“Something stopped me,” Raphael told Rev. Hernandes Lopes, Portuguese ministry leader for Back to God Ministries International (BTGMI). “I remembered the card with the words ‘Dial Peace’.”

Raphael found the card in his wallet and called the phone number to hear the daily recorded devotional produced by BTGMI’s Portuguese outreach team.

Raphael says the message spoke specifically to him. He fell on his knees and prayed, giving his life to Jesus Christ.

Through the Disque Paz follow-up team he was able to connect to a church in the area that encouraged and discipled him in the Christian faith. He became an active member of the church and remained until he was transferred to another military post where, with God’s blessing, his faith will continue.

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