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Joti Ratna did not follow the traditional role laid out by Bangladeshi society for a woman.

Joti Ratna didn't take the normal path laid out for Bangladeshi women.

Instead of cooking, cleaning, and bearing children, she undertook studies that led to her becoming a faculty member at the College of Christian Theology in Bangladesh (CCTB).

CCTB is supported by Christian Reformed World Missions (CRWM), which provides financial resources and sends theologically trained people to be on staff at the college.

Ratna says her mother and father always supported her and reminded her to trust in God as she attended college and graduate school.

“Dad always told me, ‘You don’t need money, but you need to live a good life and work for God,’” she said.

While she was studying for her Master of Arts degree, Ratna’s teachers at CCTB recognized her gifts. Several of them told her that they were praying for her because they thought she should teach at CCTB.

Ratna’s friends agreed that she should teach.

Now that she works at CCTB, Ratna is convinced that this is where God wants her to work.

Still, there are challenges. She recalls being asked to coordinate and co-facilitate a training seminar. At first she had doubts. Then she remembered what her parents said: “Trust in God. If you think God wants to use you for him, you can do this.”

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