Helping to Battle Drought and Violence

Violent protests and clashes erupted in Kenya after elections in 2007-2008. With new elections set for early next year, tensions are rising again, and fighting has occurred in some areas such as Atir in the Rift Valley.

World Renew, formerly the Christian Reformed World Relief Committee (CRWRC), has been working in Atir since 2009, teaching new ways of farming that are more resistant to the impact of frequent droughts.

But the focus has changed as the result of the violence, in which houses have been burned down, dozens of people have been killed, and thousands have fled from their communities.

To help those who have been displaced by the fighting between rival political factions, World Renew and its partners in Kenya are providing food.

Monica Ekai is one of those who had to flee from her village, Maendeleo, in Atir.

“Life in the camp is difficult; we are living as destitute in our own county. I fear to go back,” she says.

Through the assistance of organizations such as World Renew, Monica says she hopes she and her family can return home next year once the elections are over.

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World Renew Disaster Response & Preparedness Manager