Connecting Cultures in Chicago

Rev. Bob Price, Christian Reformed Home Missions’ Black/Urban Ministries team leader, is working to find and develop ethnic leaders in Chicago and across North America.

Rev. Bob Price is finding and training ethnic leaders.

In Chicago he’s partnering with Rev. Peter Kelder, regional leader for the Home Missions Central U.S. ministry team, and Kelder’s wife, Ruth.

“We are trying to create a cultural space in this denomination where people from different cultures and ethnicities are affirmed and encouraged,” says Price.

Price’s ministry is part of an effort to develop diverse missional leaders through mentoring and recruiting in churches, leadership networks, and an Emerging Leaders program.

After Price recruits leaders and works with them, he introduces them to the Kelders and others within the CRC.

These efforts have already helped identify several new leaders.

One is Glen McCarthy, pastor of Restore All Ministries, a CRHM church plant on Chicago’s South Side that launched monthly gatherings this summer.

About the Author

Ben Van Houten is a senior writer for Christian Reformed Home Missions.

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