High School Students Face the Future

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This summer, 29 high school students from around North America gathered at Calvin Theological Seminary to participate in the Facing Your Future (FYF) program.

Facing Your Future students participate in discussion.

FYF students are nominated by their pastor, teacher, or youth pastor as leaders in their community. They enter the program expressing interest in ministry as a vocation, leadership in the church, or theological study. They also are eager to think about where God is calling them next.

The goals of the program include

  • encouraging students to think deeply about theological questions;
  • giving participants a chance to grow spiritually and to learn through readings, discussion, devotions, and quiet times, practicing spiritual disciplines and incorporating them into their everyday lives; and
  • equipping young members of the church for ministry in college, the workplace, and all of life.

Over the course of three weeks together, the students learned from CTS faculty members and from several seminarians. They also spent time reflecting together, especially on how they can best face the challenges of the future.

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