Coaching Inspires Indiana Pastor

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When Rev. Arturo Olguin arrived in DeMotte, Ind., in 2008 to start Comunidad Agua Viva, he was both enthusiastic and amazed by the support from local churches and businesses.

Rev. Arturo Olguin and his family

“Everything was perfect,” he recalls. “I couldn’t have been more grateful to the Lord.”

However, leadership challenges became apparent, eventually causing Olguin to become frustrated, tired, and discouraged. He considered resigning from the church.

But Viviana Cornejo, a coach who works with Christian Reformed Home Missions’ Hispanic Ministries, came to his assistance. She discussed with Olguin what the church’s leadership could look like, and shared plans for helping the church to get back on its feet and to grow.

“I was like any person addicted to positivism and illusions, and I didn’t want to pay attention to any recommendation in solving the leadership situation,” says Olguin.

“I’m grateful to the Lord for Viviana’s words, which didn’t just encourage me, but reminded me who I was and motivated [me] to get the strength, the courage, and the solutions I needed.”

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Laura Posthumus, Christian Reformed Home Missions

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