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The Back to God Hour’s Portuguese-language television program “Gente que Cre” (“People Who Believe”) has a large audience. But with thousands of listeners responding, what are the chances of two people who need each other calling at the same time?

The chances may be slim, but Lourdes Pemer experienced an immediate answer to prayer within minutes of her call to the Brazil follow-up center.

Pemer called the Campinos office after watching the BTGH TV program. Edione Madruga, the phone attendant, heard the anguish in her voice. Just one question, “Are you feeling well?” was enough to start Pemer crying.

As Madruga counseled and comforted Pemer, she learned that Pemer lived in Belo Horiozonte, a city of 3 million people, and promised to send information about churches in her neighborhood.

After Madruga hung up the phone, she began browsing her computer for church addresses near Pemer. She was interrupted by another phone call, this one from Therezinha Sant’Anna de Oliveira, a cheerful woman asking for the booklet that had been offered on the TV broadcast.

As Madruga wrote down Oliveira’s address, she was amazed and thrilled to discover it was in the same city and same neighborhood as Pemer’s. Madruga asked Oliveira if she would be willing to contact Pemer. Oliveira promptly responded, “Yes!”

Madruga immediately passed on the information to Pemer, who was surprised at how quickly the follow-up office was able to help her. Madruga’s response? “In the Christian faith we call it ‘the ways of providence.’”

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