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Every June, the Back to God Ministries International Japanese staff holds an open house at its Tokyo office. This year two unexpected visitors, who listen to BTGMI’s Morning Word program, showed up for the event.

Michiko S. tuned in to the program last November and has since become a faithful listener. She has not yet committed her life to Christ, but has taken a sincere interest in the Bible and the Christian faith. Michiko listens to Morning Word not only on the radio, but also receives the transmission on her cell phone. She noted that when she is unclear on the message, “I repeatedly listen to the message on my phone.”

The other surprise guest was Yuri K. She found the BTGMI website when she bought a new computer and began connecting to the Internet. Yuri was a member of a local cult, but now she is beginning to realize that she was being misled. She is seeking the true Christian faith and has begun attending a Christian church near her home. Yuri told BTGMI, “Your daily radio programs are helping me in my search for truth.”

The open houses are a way for Christians and seekers in Japan to come together for fellowship and encouragement, which is a great need in Japan, where Christians tend to be somewhat isolated.

In addition to this year’s new guests, another visitor was Miki U., who has listened to BTGMI programs for more than 12 years. Miki shared that she had been baptized last December. Because of opposition from immediate family and other relatives, it is not uncommon for Japanese people to take a long time to declare their Christian faith publicly. Miki acknowledged, “It took a long time before I was baptized, but I feel that everything that happened during that time had meaning.”

Please pray for people like these women who are finding Christ through media. Pray that many more people in Japan may become true believers in Jesus Christ.

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