Kid Connection Serves Small Churches

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Small-church Sunday schools face special challenges: low numbers mean any absence is felt; the wide range of kids means few are at the same level; and the teacher pool is limited.

To meet the challenges, Faith Alive Christian Resources has developed Kid Connection, the first North American curriculum in 10 years designed specifically for small-sized Sunday schools.

Developed with grants from the Christian Reformed Church and the Reformed Church in America, Kid Connection uses a large group/small group format instead of the traditional graded approach. For the really small program, the curriculum also offers options for one-on-one instruction.

Kid Connection features lesson plans that are easy to follow and easy to learn. It also includes tips for using older middle school or high school students as helpers.

A monthly take-home magazine, Guess What!, connects church and home with articles for parents and for kids as well as a 30-day activity calendar that engages the whole family.

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Bill Harris is a freelance writer for Faith Alive Christian Resources.