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Evangelism is an “everyday” activity, says Sam Huizenga, a small group ministry developer and author of Home Missions’ newest evangelism training resource called Everyday Evangelism: Linking People to Jesus.

“Evangelism is for ordinary, well-meaning Christians who love God and care for their neighbors,” Huizenga says. “It’s not a one-time make-it-or-break-it event but rather a matter of linking people to the Savior over time.”

Huizenga, a member of Home Missions’ Great Lakes Regional Team, knows what she is talking about. For years the Rockford, Mich., resident has invited friends and neighbors to consider the claims of Jesus Christ. The training seminar is based on her experiences and study of Scripture.

Think of evangelism as links in a chain, each link moving your friend closer to Christ, she says. For most people it takes many links, many people, and many experiences to prepare their hearts for a life-changing commitment to Christ.

“I had a friend who didn’t know Jesus,” Huizenga explains. “I talked with her about God. But I also took care of her children, brought meals when she needed them, walked with her, and listened to her heart. She joined a small group. Others listened and cared for her.

“But she moved away before making a commitment to live God’s way. Then one day she called to share her joy when she did make that decision. There were many links in her faith journey.”

The three-session seminar is flexible and can be adjusted to fit your church’s schedule. For more information about Everyday Evangelism or to schedule a seminar, contact your small group ministry developer at www.crhm. org/smallgroups or call 800-266-2175.

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