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Alexandra is a Christian from the Penza region of Russia, a little more than 700 km south of Moscow. In a letter to Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, Russia ministry leader for Back to God Ministries International, she wrote, “I often listen to your broadcasts and pray for you.”

Alexandra also prayed faithfully for her husband, who for years showed no interest in hearing the gospel. “In the past he would always leave the room whenever I turned my radio on.”

But in a recent letter, she reported: “Praise be to God! Today my husband listened to your program for the first time . . . and he has started reading Christian publications. The Lord is starting to touch his heart.”

“We are grateful that our messages have an impact on people’s lives,” noted Sosedkin, “and we always appreciate hearing that our listeners pray for us and our ministry.”

Zinaida, a listener who lives in southern Russia, sent this response: “I heard your radio message about prayer. Praise God that he uses you to touch many hearts. My heart was one of them. As I listened I felt a great desire to share what I heard with many people.”  

Zinaida, who is 70, prays with a 69-year-old friend every Friday for the people of their village. “We are weak, but we have a huge desire to pray,” Zinaida says. At her request, Sosedkin sent Christian literature to her and her friend to help them share the gospel with the people of their village.

Last year more than 65,000 people responded to BTGMI’s Russian media outreach. Your prayers and financial support open the door to reach many more people who hear the gospel but may never let us know.

Pray that God will continue to transform lives through the media outreach of Back to God Ministries International. Your prayers are also requested for Sosedkin, who has been delayed in Russia as he awaits a new visa. Pray that God will open doors so he is able to travel to North America to continue follow-up work here.

Meanwhile, God opened up an opportunity for Sosedkin to broadcast a new live call-in program in Moscow that explores life in the light of the current harsh economic situation. He received more than a dozen phone calls in response to a program in which he discussed the comfort we find, not in material things, but in Christ who dwells with us.

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