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Ensuring a Safe Nursery

  • Write and enforce a policy regarding the care of children, indicating who may serve as volunteers.
  • Assign additional volunteers if using the bathroom requires a child to leave the nursery.
  • Use a practical physical process to identify a child with his or her parents, such as matching tags, pagers, or photos.
  • Obtained signed releases from parents to allow siblings or grandparents to pick up a child from nursery.
  • A church nursery coordinator should assign volunteers to each nursery and approve all substitutes. All nursery workers should be known by the nursery coordinator.
  • Install videocameras to record who enters and leaves the nursery or the church.
  • Use cell phones, walkie-talkies, or a panic button to alert ushers or church officials if there is a problem in the nursery.
  • Lock outside doors near the nursery during the church service.

For more resources on nursery safety, visit and scroll down to the September news stories for the appropriate links.

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