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The Christian Reformed Church Loan Fund was established by Synod 1983 for the benefit of Christian Reformed churches in the United States. The Loan Fund makes loans available to churches wishing to purchase or build a worship facility or parsonage, to purchase land, or to make improvements or repairs to existing property.

The Loan Fund’s only source of funds (we do not solicit gifts or receive ministry shares) is investments made by individuals, Christian Reformed congregations and classes, and other organizations related to the CRC. The Loan Fund pays excellent interest rates on investments and uses those investments to help churches meet their facilities needs.

What’s New

Fiscal year 2008-09 was a year of modest growth for the Loan Fund. Net revenue was $395,520, nearly as high as last year despite a deteriorating economy. Commitments made for new loans were $1.2 million, down from $6.4 million last year, with loan activity slowing significantly in the first six months of 2009. More than $3.3 million in loans to seven churches were closed.

These loans were made for a variety of purposes. Second CRC in Lynden, Wash., and First CRC in Grosse Pointe Park, Mich., made additions to their historic buildings. Prairie Lane CRC in Omaha, Neb., built a new worship center. New Horizon CRC in Paterson, N.J., purchased its first worship facility and parsonage.

The CRC Loan Fund is able to help these and many other churches only because many members and churches in the CRC choose to make investments in the Loan Fund. You can become part of this unique ministry. Your investment will help us continue to serve our churches. Contact us or check our website for more information.

This information does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to purchase. Offers will be made only by the offering circular in those jurisdictions where it is lawful to make such an offer or solicitation of an offer.

Investments in the Loan Fund involve risks more fully disclosed in the offering circular.

Contact info:


Carl Gronsman, director
800.332.0012 or 616.224.0829
Fax: 616.726.1149

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