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A New Beginning for Mariama

Our Shared MInistry

In the May issue of The Banner we introduced you to Mariama Baylo Balde, who suffered from a disfiguring tumor in her mouth and was helped by World Missions staff to locate medical assistance for its removal.

Recently Mariama returned for a visit and was bubbling over with new life. Dancing and rejoicing, she giggled as she introduced herself as the new “Mrs. Diallo.”

She had come to let us know that her village leaders had accepted the proposal from her former husband to be reunited with her in marriage. After 20 years of living alone as an outcast because of the tumor, she finally has been given back her identity.

She now has a place in society, a home, and a future. Three months ago, who would have thought that this woman would soon be a beautiful bride?

Please continue to pray that Mariama and her people will also accept the longstanding proposal from the Bridegroom of heaven, who is preparing an everlasting home for those who trust in him.

—World Missions staff, Guinea, West Africa


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