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Prayer Blessings Go Both Ways

Members of ReFrame’s Russian ministry team pray for members of a community in Moldova.
Members of ReFrame’s Russian ministry team pray for members of a community in Moldova.

Every week, more than 7,000 people are praying for anonymous requests from strangers who live all around the world.

“Our Prayer Team members faithfully pray for requests we receive,” said Emily Vanden Heuvel, prayer team coordinator for ReFrame Ministries. “Both the prayers and the requesters see God at work through this practice of lifting one another up.”

For people like Ramona, these requests fill a crucial role.

As a recovering addict, Ramona often feels selfish. “Everything about my addiction wants me to focus on my needs here and now without regard to any relationship,” Ramona said.

But she has a surprising weekly antidote: Ramona receives a prayer list every week from ReFrame’s Prayer Ministry. In these requests, she sees God’s bigger story for her and for those around her, and they bring deep purpose to her life.

“I’ve learned that service to others is a way to get out of myself,” Ramona shared in a note to ReFrame staff. “I am not defined by my addiction. I am defined by God’s love for me, and praying for others allows me to fulfill his plan for me.”

Sensing God’s Answer

The requests that Vanden Heuvel, Ramona, and thousands of others pray for every week often come from those who follow other English-language ministry programs from ReFrame. Samuel, for example, reads the Today devotional from his home in Nigeria and recently shared his prayer request with ReFrame’s Prayer Team.

“I lost my dad, and within four years, I lost my mom and two brothers,” Samuel wrote. “I don't know what to do, but I still believe God will bring me out through this, and he’ll do it again.”

Still others, like Mary, found ReFrame’s prayer website from an internet search when they especially felt a need for prayer.

“I truly thank you so much for your constant prayers,” Mary wrote. “My brother has been deceased now since June 2021. I didn't know how I was going to get over my broken heart, but you all sent prayers for my family and me, so that made me healed. Thanks for your wonderful prayers that have helped me heal from those tears and pain of my heart. God has kept my heart so safe.”

Do you have a prayer request to share? By sharing your request on ReFrame’s prayer page (, you can help Ramona and people like her who desire to bless others in prayer.

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