A Partnership that Transforms Lives

Gloria in Uganda worked with our ministry partner, Relay Trust, to complete a TLT course via WhatsApp. Her testimony is one of personal change: “Before the course was introduced, I was going through a difficult time. I was spiritually down, and I could not bring myself to read the Word of God or even pray. I needed so much to get off this misery or change my situation. (When I agreed to study this manual, I did not know) it would require me to read the Word of God more, to pray and pray for others. As I speak, I have been reminded of that powerful verse in Romans 8:38-39.”

“Tonight’s session was great, as I’ve learned that I have a Savior who is always there for me. He is just waiting for me to surrender everything to him.”

This is one participant’s comment after using the WhatsApp messaging app to complete a Timothy Leadership Training course provided by The Relay Trust, a partner of Raise Up Global Ministry’s partner.

Raise Up’s partnership with Relay Trust began as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Early in the pandemic, TLT developed a short manual called “Loving Your Neighbor in the COVID-19 Pandemic” and distributed it to partners around the world.

Members of the Relay Trust team came to know about TLT while they were in Sierra Leone, learning that it was being used extensively across the country. They had been looking for accessible, Bible-centered material to use in their training programs and found that TLT fit beautifully.

When they heard of the COVID manual early in 2020, they reached out to help with distribution. They adapted the materials to microvideo, delivering them through WhatsApp.

“Raise Up had already been using WhatsApp to connect, support, and equip trainers around the world,” said Sam Huizenga, Raise Up’s director. Now, with a knowledgeable partner, we could also connect around training materials.” 

Hundreds of church leaders across Africa were encouraged through these studies as a result.

Today, Raise Up is working to make all of the TLT core manuals available through microvideos. These will provide an interactive learning opportunity to leaders in an additional format. Printable PDFs will continue to be made available in addition to the videos.

All three programs of Raise Up Global Ministries (TLT, Global Coffee Break, and Educational Care) work to partner with leaders to provide Bible-centered, interactive, and accessible learning materials that are relevant to local contexts. Through strategic partnerships, they equip leaders of the global community with materials and training so that more stories of transformation can take place.

—Amy Friedman, Raise Up Ministries