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Leading the Prisoners with Singing

After completing leadership training, prisoners created action plans to put their learning into action.
After completing leadership training, prisoners created action plans to put their learning into action.

Where are Timothy Leadership Training Program manuals used? They can follow Jesus, the light in the darkness, to the most unlikely places.

TLT is a curriculum offered by Raise Up Global Ministries, which is used by Resonate Global Mission and other partners to provide affordable, biblical, and effective leadership training around the world. One Raise Up Global Ministries partner has been working in an African prison using three TLT manuals:  Caring for God’s People, Harm to Harmony: Overcoming Violence in the Family, and God’s Plan for Sustainable Development.

When participants finished their study of each manual, they created an action plan—where they defined exactly how they planned to implement something they had learned into their own life or ministry. The prisoners were encouraged to be creative with their action plans. Some even included the formation of a choir and instrumentalists in the prison.

Following the creation of these action plans, the prisoners took steps to achieve their goals. Several formed singing groups and made additional plans to start recording music to support this ministry.

Recently, three participants were recognized for the leadership they developed through the TLT Action Plan process. As a result of their hard work, they have been granted the privilege of distance education at the country’s university to earn their bachelor’s degree while in prison.

A total of 71 students graduated this year from their ten months of TLT study and of carrying out their action plans in a difficult place. Their hope and confidence of a life transformed were evident as they were honored for their hard work and growth in faith. The prisoners also sang the songs they had composed as part of their process. As certificates were handed out and hands were shaken, a sense of honor and accomplishment could be felt despite the bright orange and pink prison garb.

“The ripples of faith, learning, accountability, perseverance, and action plans will spread to many communities and families as these men and women re-enter society,” said Sam Huizenga, director of Raise Up Global Ministries.  “Over 438 people have been trained in TLT through this one partner in one year alone.”

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