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Longing for More in Burkina Faso

Longing for More in Burkina Faso
Esther is a member of ReFrame’s follow-up and discipleship team in Burkina Faso.

Many Muslims in Antoine’s community have looked to him as a leader in the faith. But Antoine had a secret.

As the muezzin in his local mosque in Burkina Faso, West Africa, Antoine is responsible for calling his fellow Muslims to prayer. Yet Antoine doubted that anyone was answering those prayers.

Antoine’s struggles began in his home. He and his wife have been longing for a child for a long time, and he said he felt “desperate” in his longing.

Then one day, Antoine and his wife came across a radio program from ReFrame Ministries’ French ministry partners in Burkina Faso. The broadcast was a program for families, and it spoke about hope for people in their situation—a hope that is found in the gospel.

Antoine secretly kept listening to this and other programs from ReFrame. He later contacted ReFrame’s French ministry team.

“He had so many questions, and he wanted to meet with someone from the ministry team,” said Rev. Marc Nabie, ReFrame’s French ministry leader.

Offering Reassurance

As more and more people like Antoine came forward, ReFrame recently expanded its outreach team in Burkina Faso. They added two new ministry team members, Esther and David, who are dedicated to following up and visiting with listeners in their region.

“People have many struggles in their lives,” Esther said, “but the Word of God and the listening that we offer them reassures them that God takes care.”

After meeting with David, Nabie said, “Antoine decided to give himself to Christ. ... But his fight had just begun.”

Nabie knows that Antoine will face struggles as a result of his new faith in Christ.

For now, Antoine is keeping his faith a secret. He continues to meet with ReFrame’s follow-up team, and he has even attended a Christian church with them a few times.

“Please pray for Antoine,” said Nabie, “that Christ will walk with him and that he will stay strong in his faith. Pray also for his conversations with his wife as she considers making a decision for Christ.”

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