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Good News for the Days to Come

Good News for the Days to Come
ReFrame’s Hindi ministry team delivered about 500 meals to the communities near their offices in northern India.

The numbers in India’s second wave of the coronavirus were staggering—7 million cases and 48,000 deaths in April 2021 alone.

“On the ground, these numbers translate to a heart-wrenching tragedy,” reported Rev. A.K. Lama, ReFrame’s Hindi ministry leader who serves in India’s northeastern region.

Throughout the pandemic, ReFrame’s ministry partners in India worked to provide new online, radio, and video programs for Hindi-speaking Christians and seekers. The programs received great responses. But during this time of especially high numbers of COVID cases, they wanted to do even more.

Knowing that many of their listeners are part of India’s lowest classes and out of work, the staff ultimately collected extra funds to provide about 500 meals for the nearby communities.

“Special projects like these are why we’re always striving to work with local, on-the-ground partners,” said Kurt Selles, director of ReFrame Ministries. “We can provide tools and resources to produce new programs, but our local partners know how best to share the love of Christ in their own ministry context.”

At Just the Right Time

“Thank you so much for reaching out to us with these food supplies,” said one recipient named Rajeshwari. “I wish all blessings to your ministry as you reach out with love and compassion to the people who are desperately in need.”

Pramond said he received the supplies “at just the right time,” adding, “Lockdown directly affected me and my six family members at home. I lost my work and was getting hopeless.”

As ReFrame’s staff in India continued recording and sharing their hopeful gospel messages, they had people like Rajeshwari and Pramond in their hearts.

Reframe producers and staff say they are continuously available to people for prayer and counseling online and offline as well.

During COVID-19, the Hindi ministry team also has been using a new tool to connect with their different audiences: the popular smartphone app called WhatsApp. Using group chats, staff have been praying for listeners, answering questions that come up in response to the audio programs, and sharing more content from the ministry.

“We believe that our new efforts during COVID-19 have made our ministry holistic in its service,” Lama said. “I also believe it will impact the hearts of the people with the good news for the days to come.”

If you would like to encourage a believer in India, ReFrame is collecting messages that will be sent to staff and listeners. You can email your message to

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