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Natasha had a lot going for her. A professional athlete living in Moscow, Russia, she was attractive and wealthy. But when COVID-19 began to spread across her country and the whole world, her earthly riches began to feel trivial.

“How can I find peace and joy in the midst of what’s going on today?” Natasha wondered.

Thankfully, Natasha didn’t keep that question to herself. Like so many others who have been stuck at home asking some of life’s most important questions, she searched online for answers.

Online Events

In order to help people like Natasha, the Russian outreach team of ReFrame Ministries* has hosted about 40 online events, seminars, and conferences in partnership with local churches in Russia and Ukraine.

At such events, seekers and believers are able to have conversations about life’s most pressing issues and work together to explore answers to questions like Natasha’s.

As Natasha searched, she came across ReFrame’s Russian online programs and decided to get in touch with the ministry.

“Natasha was suffering from anxiety when she contacted us,” said Rev. Sergei Sosedkin, ReFrame’s Russian ministry leader. “Our followup staff shared with her that although the uncertainty of COVID-19 fuels anxiety, we can be certain about our standing with God.”

The ministry team shared that inner peace won’t come from a simple relaxation technique or positive thinking alone, but through Christ.

“That’s how Natasha learned about God’s love and salvation,” Sosedkin said.

Now, a few months after her first conversation with ReFrame, Natasha has joined a local church and shared that much of her anxiety has been relieved through Scripture and her newfound community.

A Christmas Prayer Request and a Resource for You

With support from the Christian Reformed Church, ReFrame’s Russian ministry team has been helping people focus on what truly matters, both during COVID-19 and as they approach Russian Orthodox Christmas on Jan. 7.

Please pray specifically for Sergei’s Christmas broadcast. Pray that God will use it to capture hearts and draw more people like Natasha into a relationship with God.

If you or a loved one are also looking for answers or suffering from anxiety during the pandemic, ReFrame’s English ministry has helpful resources at

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