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Synod 2023 Full of Brotherly Love

Todd (left) and his brother Tim Kuperus; Adrian (right) and his brother Erik deLange.
Steven Herppich

Tim and Todd Kuperus and Adrian and Erik deLange are two sets of brothers at Synod 2023, the general assembly of the Christian Reformed Church.

Tim Kuperus, Classis Yellowstone, and Todd Kuperus, Classis Northern Michigan, have attended synod at least five times together. This is their second synod together as delegates, but their dad took them along when they were younger. 

Todd said, “Dad didn’t like sports—he loved the church.” He said that synod was like a “ball game” for his dad. Tim said that when they came as kids, they would look for where their classis was sitting and that it was an exciting time for them. They both shared about how their dad instilled a “love for the church” in them. 

Todd said, “Doing this interview (for The Banner) is a really cool way to honor him.” Their father, Al Kuperus, died in 2016.

Erik deLange, Classis B.C. South-East, and his brother Adrian deLange, Classis Alberta South/Saskatchewan, are also at synod together.

Adrian and Erik laughed about how they haven’t shared a room for 21 years, but now they’re “suitemates” sharing a bathroom connecting two dorm rooms at Calvin University, where Synod 2023 is meeting.

Erik said their dad, Richard deLange, was at Synod 2022, “when he found out we were going to put his name down as an alternate (for Synod 2023).” Though their dad wanted to be here this year, his classis did not need an alternate person to attend.

Adrian said he has “always loved Erik’s relentless optimism” and how it has been helpful to talk together throughout the week. Erik said he “appreciates Adrian’s realism and context,” noting Adrian has been in ministry for longer. Erik said they’ve had “a lot of good discussions.”

Tim and Todd were at Synod 2022 and said it was a blessing to process and debrief together at a coffee shop after synod before heading home. Tim said, “What a gift to be able to do that with a dear friend who is your brother.”

Synod 2023 is meeting June 9-15 at Calvin University in Grand Rapids, Mich. Find daily coverage from The Banner news team at Visit for the synod schedule, webcast, recordings, photos, committee reports, and liveblog. Synod is the annual general assembly of the Christian Reformed Church.

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