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CRC Members Elected to Office

CRC Members Elected to Office
(Top L-R) Randy Feenstra, Jeff Taylor, and Ken Rozenboom.
(bottom) Daivd LaGrand and Bill Huizenga

Editor’s Note: This story was updated Dec. 1 to add Walt Sales, elected to the Montana senate. Another update was added Jan. 20, 2021 to include Mark Huizenga, re-elected as a state representative in Michigan.

Several men belonging to Christian Reformed congregations were elected to office in the U.S. general election in November.

Randy Feenstra, who attends First CRC in Hull, Iowa, was elected to the United States House of Representatives as a Republican. Feenstra has four children and has been married to his wife Lynette for 28 years. He previously served in the Iowa Senate. Before becoming involved in politics, Feenstra was a sales manager for a candy company and taught in the business department at Dordt University

Jeff Taylor, also Republican, was elected to the Iowa Senate, replacing Feenstra. He is a member of Covenant CRC in Sioux Center. He is married to Shirley and has two children, Jane and David. He is a sixth-generation Iowan and became interested in politics at an early age. Taylor also teaches at Dordt University, as a professor of political science.

Ken Rozenboom, was elected to his second consecutive term as a member of the Iowa Senate. He is married to Becky and has two children, a son who lives in Des Moines and a daughter who lives in New South Wales, Australia. He has three grandchildren. Ken and his wife attend Bethel CRC in Oskaloosa. Before becoming a member of the Iowa Senate, as a Republican, he was a Mahaska County Supervisor for one term. Before that, Rozenboom worked in agricultural business, farming and livestock production.

In Michigan, Bill Huizenga, who has represented Michigan’s 2nd District as a Republican in the House of Representatives since 2011, was reelected. Huizenga is a member of Haven CRC in Zeeland, Mich. He was running against Bryan Berghoef, a former CRC church planter, running in that district as a Democrat. David LaGrand, a Democrat, was reelected to his 75th District seat in the Michigan House of Representatives. LaGrand attends Eastern Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids, Mich., and is a commissioned pastor in the Christian Reformed Church, with a focus in prison ministry. Mark Huizenga, a Republican, was reelected to his 74th District seat in the Michigan House. He's been in that office since January 2019. Huizenga is a member of LaGrave Avenue CRC in Grand Rapids.

Walt Sales, a member of Manhattan (Mont.) CRC, was elected to the Montana State Senate as a Republican following two terms in the House. A grandfather of three, Sales and his wife have been members of Montana CRC for more than 30 years. "The sense of community and giving back what has been given to us has been very humbling and rewarding," Sales said.

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