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July 27, 2020 - 

Due to the strain of COVID-19 and global unrest, Christian Reformed Church denominational staff in Canada will be getting four extra days off this year, added to holiday weekends between August and December.

That action was announced by the Canadian Ministries Team in a memo signed by Canadian ministries director Darren Roorda.

Roorda told The Banner that it was a management decision to give this one-time gift to staff. “We know as staff directors, because of the pandemic especially (but) also out of a realization of the additional stress due to racial issues that are so current, our staff at the various parts of the CRCNA-related ministries have worked ongoing extra hours to serve local churches,” he said. “They have stretched themselves to the fullest even while being plunked into high-emotion conversations and demands.” He said this is part of a larger set of behaviors and considerations around how the CRCNA in Canada is addressing racism and reconciliation.

Terry Veldboom, director of finance and operations (Canada) said that staff will be more productive and efficient with activities that must be completed, before and after the time off.

On the U.S. side, senior leadership are proposing that staff there get extra days off between Christmas and New Year’s Day. That proposal must be approved by the Council of Delegates in October before it will take effect. The memo announcing the proposal noted that it is intended to be an ongoing benefit for U.S. staff, not just this year because of COVID-19.

John Bolt, director of finance and operations (U.S.) said "the proposal relies on an increase in productivity to cover the fewer hours of work employees are being asked to deliver."

That same memo noted that the decision made in Canada to allow Canadian staff additional days off was made independently of the proposal for the U.S. staff. This is an example of what staff will experience as a result of having greater direction and control of CRCNA matters within each country. Those changes were made earlier this year to align the governance structure with Canadian legislation regarding charities.

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