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Top 10 Most Read Banner Online Articles in 2018

Top 10 Most Read Banner Online Articles in 2018

These news stories, features and columns from 2018 made the top 10 in reader engagement, as counted by The Banner’s web analytics software. Thanks for reading!

1 Eating toward Shalom: Why Food Ethics Matters for the 21st-Century Church (Feb. 2018)

In theory and in practice, says philosopher Matt Halteman, eating more mindfully makes sense as an engaged form of discipleship for Christ-followers.

2 Uncomfortable Conversation (July 2018)

Talking about sex is a canonical imperative.

3 Faith and Feminism (May 2018)

Christian feminists reach for a world in which both men and women can flourish.

4 Church/Bible/Doctrine (Nov. 2018)

Henry De Moor’s response to a Big Question on making profession of faith.

5 Faith and Climate Science (Apr. 2018)

For the sake of our witness, our young people, and our world, we must rise above fear, skepticism, or unwarranted optimism.

6 Why I am Christian Reformed (May 2018)

Four members of the CRC explain what the denomination means to them.

7 Why Christianity Still Matters (Oct. 2018)

Showcasing the winners of our first-ever essay contest for college students.

8 Everyone Welcome (Feb. 2018)

Grace Church wants to be known as a welcoming place for all who enter. What can they do to make sure no one is excluded from their welcome?

9 CRC Releases Statement on Forced Family Separation Policy (June 2018)

CRC leaders write that as Christians, we believe that the family is a core component to God’s structuring of society.

10 King's University Responds to Supporters Over LGBTQ Concerns (June 2018)

Following the publishing of newspaper articles describing a changed atmosphere at the Edmonton, Alta., Christian university, the institution responded to concerned church councils. 

Bonus: The #1 and #2 articles from previous seasons most-read in 2018 were Can a Christian Really be a Psychologist (March, 2009) and 5 Helpful Websites for Parents Who Want to Know More (Mixed Media, July 2013) Nice to see resources from previous years still being heavily used.

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