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Top 10 Most-Read Banner Online Articles in 2020

Top 10 Most-Read Banner Online Articles in 2020

These are the news stories, features, and columns from the past 12 months that readers engaged with most, according to data collected by Google Analytics. Thanks for reading!

1 10 Things to Give Up For Lent That Aren’t Diet Coke (February 2020)

With more than 45,000 pageviews, Darrel L. Delaney’s shareable list of heart-centered practices to do away with was far-and-away the most-read article on in 2020.

2 As I Was Saying: I am a Pastor, and I am Racist (June 2020)

In her opinion piece, Jennifer Holmes Curran acknowledges that her racism degrades bearers of God’s image, even while it distorts her own humanity.

3 Woman in Same-sex Marriage Installed as Deacon (September 2020)

The decision of Neland Avenue CRC to install a woman in a same-sex marriage as a deacon received a lot of attention.

4 Same-Sex Relationships and the CRC (October 2020)

Gayla R. Postma’s feature, which was the cover story from the November print edition, shared the beliefs of CRC members along a spectrum of opinions.

5 Why I’m Not a Christian Zionist (December 2019)

Gary M. Burge confronted another controversial topic in this feature from the January 2020 issue, noting “You can lose friends over this one.”

6 The Spiritual Significance of Trees (April 2020)

Mac Wiener, a Bible teacher, is drawn to the prominence trees have in God’s Word.

As I Was Saying: LGBTQ-Incompatible Means Gracious Separation is the Church’s Best Option (February 2020)

In his opinion piece Pastor Aaron Vriesman makes a case for shifting the conversation from trying to convince each other to a pragmatic discussion of where we go from here.

8 How to Walk Well Alongside LGBTQ+ People (May 2020)

Writing from her experience Laurie Krieg answers the question “how can you be ready to take the discipleship walk alongside an LGBTQ+ person?”

9 As I Was Saying: 7 Thoughts in the Wake of #GeorgeFloyd (July 2020)

George Floyd, a Black man, died while in police custody May 25 in Minneapolis. His death was recorded on cellphone video and shared widely, sparking protests, leading to arrests of officers, and spurring international scrutiny of systemic racism. Banner editor Shiao Chong wrote of his feelings: “As a person of color who has experienced racism, I do not have the privilege of treating this as a detached, intellectual observer.”

10 Big Question: Does the Bible Condone Suicide in Samson’s Story? (July 2019)

Columnist Adam Barkman, professor of philosophy at Redeemer University College, tackles this question.


Bonus: Every year, archived articles on continue to draw readers. Among the most accessed in 2020 are 5 Helpful Websites for Parents Who Want to Know More (Mixed Media, July 2013); Can a Christian Really be a Psychologist (March, 2009); Is Atheism a Religion? (January 2019); How’s Your Mom? (April 2012); New York City’s Tree of Hope (December 2005); Jesus Barabbas or Jesus Christ? (December 2015); Beware the Yeast of the Pharisees (January 2019).

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